Hawthorne Boulevard Street Light Banners
The Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association decided it was time to replace the 15-year-old light post banners lining the street. The purpose of the banners is to welcome neighbors and visitors to the historic-yet-trendy shopping district.
Early concepts include abstracting the angles of the Hawthorne Bridge, and playing up the perception of Hawthorne Boulevard as unique and eclectic. The board members on the committee had initially proposed creating a design to reflect the landmark Bagdad Theatre, which has the most recognizable sign on the boulevard. That was the design the committee selected to pursue. 
After several refinements, however, a board member suggested taking a look at honoring the heritage of the previous banner design which incorporated the Hawthorne Bridge. In the end, that was the direction selected, and the colors chosen reflected the prior banner also.
Above left: the original banner design from early 2000s. Above right: the updated banner design (28" x 72") in 2019.

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