Open Spaces Magazine - Views from the Northwest
 "Open Spaces is a quarterly magazine featuring Northwest voices from a variety of viewpoints. The publication offers well-written, insightful articles on politics, culture, science, music, business, art, education, philosophy, health, food, travel, and gardening, as well as fiction, essays, poetry, and art."
The publication covers feature photography and art created by Pacific Northwest artists. 
Above, Deborah DeWit Marchant. Below, left to right: Jim Cruce, Gary Buhler, Chad Harder, Ellen Dittebrandt, and Jeff Mihalyo.
Above: covers from five issues. The first one, with the egret, is from an issue that was created as the magazine layout was being redesigned and converting to full color.
Below: spreads from Volume 9, Issue 3. In this issue, several features were presented as a multi-pronged approach to International Relations, and were signified with a small blue badge. 
Above: introductory spread for an article about Morocco.
Below: two spreads from a travel series.
Above: a spread listing contact information for organizations, government offices, eduction and international exchange programs.
Below: this quiz covers the size (area), flag, population, religion and health data for countries in the news.
Below: two spreads with an article on International Trade, and an introductory page to Land Use Planning.
Below: the Departments in the back of the magazine (Books, Gardens, Finance, etc.) move to a three-column format. The spread below is from an article titled, "The Way We Do It Here."
Although the print version ceased publication in 2008, the content lives on in the Open Spaces website.

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