AIGA + Urban Forest Project Banner, converted to Messenger and Tote Bags
The Urban Forest Project and AIGA Portland celebrated collaboration, problem-solving, and sustainable design and business choices during the week of Earth Day in 2007. Portland artists created tree-themed banners which were printed testing greener methods of printing, then hung on light posts downtown. The banners were recycled into messenger and tote bags, and the bags were then sold to benefit Friends of Trees.
The image: A city planner in the late 1800s named most of the streets in the Ladd‘s Addition neighborhood after trees, such as Palm, Hemlock, Cypress, Hickory, and Lavender. Unlike their natural namesakes, these street signs do not shelter from sun or rain, absorb emissions or prevent storm water run-off. The signs were photographed and composed into the form of a tree; the background pattern is a map of the area where the signs are located; and the bird is one of a species that inhabits this urban forest.
Above: the banner (48" x 60") hanging in downtown Portland; then as converted into messenger and tote bags.

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